About the Author

Sally Clark

Sally Clark was born and lived on a farm in Victoria’s south-west until retiring with her husband Peter to Port Fairy in 1997.

They had many happy years together in Port Fairy before Peter died in 2013.  Sally has four adult children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren - some of whom live nearby and some overseas - all of whom have given them great pleasure and were the main reason for writing ‘How to Die Happy’.

Sally was educated in Geelong, has a bachelor of social science from Deakin University and managed tourism for the City of Warrnambool for almost twenty years.

Peter and Sally shared a passion for golf and  Sally lives only a few minutes from one of  Australia’s best golf courses in the ‘World’s most Liveable Community 2012’ (except for in winter, when Sally still heads north to Magnetic Island).




Sally Clark

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I was having lunch with a friend
one day when we started
talking about all the people we
knew, young and old, who were
struggling with the one inevitable
thing about life that we never
seem to prepare for: death.

In so many cases, people were
trying to help elderly relatives
and friends deal with medical,
emotional or financial dilemmas
that had become all the more
fraught because it was not clear
what they actually wanted.

It became obvious to me that
a handbook such as ‘How to Die Happy’ could save a lot of these problems but in writing it, I
realised that it could be useful to anyone - whatever their age - as a personal reference and invaluable in case of an early unexpected death or disability.

It is not a legal document but it points out where you can find more detailed legal, medical or financial information.

It can be answered, extended or amended to suit your own situation.

No one can hope to avoid the stress and sadness that comes with grave illness and death.

But I hope that this book can make it easier for everyone.

Sally Clark
Port Fairy, Victoria