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Power of or Enduring Power of Attorney (medical or financial) and Power of or enduring power of Guardianship

Powers of Attorney are legal documents that let you choose someone who can make decisions for you.

Powers of attorney give you choice and control. They let you choose who you trust to make decisions for you if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. 

There are four different powers: three enduring powers and one general power.  The type of power determines the types of decisions you can give other people to make for you.

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Advance Health Directive or Living Will 

An Advance Health Directive also known as a Living Will is a document that contains your decisions about medical care when you are unable to make a treatment decision yourself.

Treatment includes medical, surgical and dental treatment and other health care. You can make an Advance Health Directive in which you either provide consent, or refuse consent, to future treatment. Having an Advance Health Directive means that if you are unable to make a treatment decision yourself, the instructions you have given in your Advance Health Directive will be used.

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Self Managed Funds and Superannuation Entitlements

Superannuation proceeds are not governed by an individual's Will. Rather it is a matter for the fund's trustee to determine application of the proceeds.

A Binding Death Benefit Nomination may be signed by the fund member.

Dependent on the terms of the fund deed, the BDBN may only be valid and effective for 3 years from its making.

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Making a Will

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